Arlington Police Say ‘Sorry For The Misunderstanding’ After Pointing Gun At Unarmed Teen


After claims that police in Arlington, Texas, confronted him with their firearms drawn, 16-year-old Rykeem Johnson stated that he was absolutely terrified.

The department released a statement, saying that they had come to an apartment complex on Monday after a neighbor called 911. The neighbor stated that while peering through his peephole, he saw a man with a hoodie on who was holding a gun. It had been slightly covered by a towel.

The caller also said that he had been having issues with someone on social media and believed that person could’ve possibly been at his door.

Rykeem said that he had just gotten home and was about to go take a swim when police officers approached him.

“They told me to put some weapon down. I didn’t know what they were talking about,” the teen stated. Rykeem was already scared for his life when more officers arrived on the scene and yelled orders at him.

“I’m conflicted. But, I’m more pissed off than anything,” says Dr. Relius Johnson, Rykeem’s brother and guardian.

After receiving calls from neighbors  regarding a shelter in place, Johnson swiftly got to the complex.

“It was at least 30 cars. Four Snipers. There was a lot of police presence,” Johnson commented.

Initially, Johnson wasn’t aware that authorities were surrounding his brother, but he was able to call the worried teenager.

“My brother answered the phone. I burst into tears, saying come save me they are about to shoot me,” Rykeem explained.

Johnson said that officers wouldn’t listen to him when he first told them that his brother wasn’t who they were looking for.

The family is now trying to cope with what occured as the teen’s perception of police has been changed forever.

“The only thing they said to me was ‘sorry for the misunderstanding. We apologize.’ That wasn’t enough for me. They had me at gunpoint, scared for my life,” Rykeem added.

The Arlington Police Department says that an investigation into what occured at the complex is taking place. They will review the initial call to authorities and other calls after that from the 911 caller.


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