Arrest Made After Road Rage Incident Turns Racist


Officers in Newburgh, New York made an arrest after a road rage incident filled with racism and threats goes viral.

William Ryan, 60, was arrested last Tuesday for the June 11 incident. He was charged with menacing second-degree as hate crime, which is a Class E felony.

Cellphone footage recorded from the victim’s vehicle shows Ryan yelling racial slurs from his Red pickup truck. Ryan threatens to stab the driver with a box-cutter and tells him that he is an off-duty State Trooper

The victim, Robert Mclymore, a pastor and a lieutenant with the Wallkill, NY police department, had his 18-year-old son with him in the vehicle.

Ryan followed Mckymore and his son to three different locations, threatening them and harassing them.

Mclymore described the beginning of the altercation, saying, “He parked his car and began walking up to mine with a box cutter. He yells to me ‘I’ll cut you, you f**king n***er.”

The New York State Police Department released a statement about the alleged State Trooper, Ryan. Spokesman Steven Nevel said not only is Ryan not a state trooper in NY, he’s also not affiliated with any law enforcement agency.

Ryan pleaded not guilty to the charges.


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