Mayor, Eric Adams, Sends Message By Bulldozing Motorbikes


In efforts to create safer neighborhoods, New York City Mayor Eric Adams bulldozed almost 100 illegal motorbikes.

Adams hosted a press conference Tuesday at a Brooklyn impoundment lot.

The Mayors office and police department have collaborated to eliminate illegal motorbikes that serve as a potential hazard to the community.

Currently, dirt bikes and ATV’s are illegal to ride in the five boroughs of NYC.

Almost 2000 motorbikes have been seized and impounded by NYPD.

Adams tweeted a firm message to motorbike owners,

“Illegal dirtbikes and ATVs endanger the lives of New Yorkers.

We’re not letting them go unchecked.

This year we’ve already taken nearly 2,000 bikes off the street and we’re just getting started.

Get the message: you want to terrorize our neighborhoods?

You’ll get crushed.”


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