Aunt Fatally Beat 4-Year-Old Nephew With Broomstick, Forced Him To Drink Water From Toilet


55-year-old Yolanda Coale has confessed to bashing her 4-year-old nephew to death with a broom. This comes after she first claimed that that the child’s 9-year-old sister was responsible for his death.

On Monday, Coale pled guilty to reckless manslaughter in the killing of King Lyons. He had been discovered dead in his aunt’s residence in Mobile, Alabama, in February 2022.

Prior to his death, it is said that the child suffered abuse, including being slapped and struck with a belt and a backscratcher. He was also said to have been forced to drink water from the toilet.

In the beginning, King’s 9-year-old sister was apprehended and charged with assault. This was because Coale had told authorities that the girl had fatally hit her brother as the two were fighting.

The sister denied that she was involved in her brother’s death, and charges against her were later dismissed.

Coale had been King’s legal guardian.

On February 3, 2022, authorities had been called out to Coale’s home. They then found King with his face covered but later saw cuts on his nose and lips, two black eyes, old bruises, and dried blood on his buttocks.

Children who reside in the neighborhood had disclosed to authorities that their parents had stopped them from going to Coale’s home because they had seen her strike her nephew many different times.

On one occasion, the aunt made King drink out of a toilet because he kept having bathroom accidents. The children stated that when he drank it, she laughed and said, “That’s what he gets.”

Coale is accused of using a broom, a backscratcher, and an electric cord to strike King. She also had a “lock-up” in her residence where children were kept for misbehaving.

Coale had been apprehended for felony murder but eventually took a plea deal. Thus, she’s is facing manslaughter charges and could be sentenced from up to two to 20 years in prison.


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