Austin Bombing Suspect Bombs Himself In Car

Trevor Weldon Ingram has been charged with making a terroristic threat.

The suspect in the fatal bombings that have been terrorizing the city of Austin these past few weeks blew himself up early Wednesday morning in his car.
Mark Anthony Conditt,23 was identified as
the bomber who has been attacking the city and leading police on a wild manhunt. Police say he messed up when he went into a FedEx store to mail off a package and was discovered on surveillance camera.
Authorities were able to obtain several pictures of the suspect, his vehicle and license plate. Conditt has been setting off bombs since March 2 in the city of Austin and a fifth bomb in San Antonio early Tuesday morning.
Investigators used cell phone towers to track the suspects location with his phone. Authorities and SWAT pinned the vehicle at a hotel and closed in on the suspect, while they were waiting on armored trucks to arrive the suspect began to drive away.
Police followed the suspect and that’s when he drove off the side of the road into a ditch. Officers jumped out of their vehicles and as they headed towards the vehicle a bomb exploded blowing up the vehicle. One of the officers were rushed to the hospital for minor injuries caused by the bomb and the suspect was pronounced dead on the scene.


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