Balch Springs Police Officer That Killed 15 Year Old Honor Student, Changes Story


John Edwards,15, a straight A student at mesquite high school was shot and killed by a Balch Springs officer late Saturday evening.
Initially reports said that the officers were called out to a party around 11pm saying there was lots of noise and underage drinking going on and that when the officers arrived on the scene they heard gunfire and saw a car aggressively backing up towards them and that’s when one of the officers (which is unidentified) opened fire.
Well now that police have had a chance to review the officers body cam they are seeing that the teens were not driving towards the officers but away from them and the officer still opened fire on the vehicle.
Chief Jonathan Haber of Balch Springs PD said he has several questions after reviewing the footage. The officer has since been placed on administrative leave.
There will be a vigil held on Monday evening in honor of Jordan Edwards.

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