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R Kelly Being Sued By Mississippi Deputy For Having Alleged Affair With His Wife


According to reports Deputy Kenny Bryant, a Hinds County Sheriff Deputy, has filed a lawsuit alleging R. Kelly has been sleeping with his wife.
Evidentially on April 21 Bryant went into Hinds County Circuit Court and filed a suit claiming that his wife Asia Childress had a romantic relationship previously and that she told him the relationship had ended prior to their marriage in July 2012.
Well apparently Asia attended Kelly’s concert in October of 2012 and rekindled her fling with the singer.
Bryant said that his wife then convinced him to quit his career and move to Atlanta where he thinks her and the singer started to see each other more. Bryant also said he was unable to find steady work which hurt him financially and that Childress also filed for divorce from him.
It is said that R. Kelly has so many days to respond to this complaint so we will just have to sit back and wait for what he has to say.

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