Baylor Hospital Emergency Room Employee Held At Knifepoint


A man with a knife threatened an employee in the emergency room of Baylor Scott and White’s medical hospital, in downtown Dallas.

The incident transpired as the emergency room was managing cases on Halloween evening.

“On Monday night, Baylor Scott and White Police responded to an isolated incident that involved an individual with a knife. Thanks to the swift action taken by our public safety team, the individual is now in custody. The safety of everyone on our campus is a top priority,” hospital staff noted.

The name of the person and the charges that have been filed haven’t been disclosed at this time. It also isn’t known what made the man hold the worker at knifepoint.

The attack on medical workers seems to be increasing, lately. Reports indicate that some hospitals have alerted workers to switch out of their scrubs when they go home, so that they don’t bring attention to themselves.

Some believe that it is time to have talks about placing metal detectors at medical facilities.

“There are some organizations that do have metal detectors. They try to do it, particularly around the emergency department. There are a lot of doors to cover when people are coming in. It’s one of the things that people have brought up, stated Texas Nurses Association President Joyce Batcheller.



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