Boat Carrying Migrants Capsizes, Leaving At Least 17 Dead


Early Sunday, in the Bahamas, a boat transporting Haitian migrants is said to have capsized. Authorities then recovered the bodies of 17 individuals while 25 people were saved.

It isn’t known if anyone is missing after the boat went under water, about seven miles away from New Providence.

Among the dead are 15 women, one man, and a baby. Those who were saved were seen for medical treatment. 20 people were questioned at a detention center.

Close to 1 a.m., a twin-engine speed boat exited the Bahamas. There were about 60 people that it was carrying, headed to Miami.

An investigation has begun into the suspected human smuggling operation.

Close to 11 million people have fled the country after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Mose, last year. His killing has resulted in increased gang violence, economic troubles, and government struggles.

Governments in the Caribbean region, including the U.S., have seen a rise in the number of Haitians stopped as they attempt to enter other countries.


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