Bodies Of Two Runaway Teenagers Discovered In Water Retention Basin


Authorities in Arizona have confirmed the identities of two teenage girls who were discovered deceased in a water retention basin.

The Mesa Police Department stated that a man who had been walking his dog on Jan.21 thought that he had witnessed a mannequin in the water. When officers arrived to the location, they found that it was a body and discovered another body close to 10 feet away.

Kamyrn Meyers, 15, and Sitlalli Avelar, 17, have been named as the persons’ bodies that had been found. Authorities believe that their bodies had been in the water for some time.

On Jan. 7, the teens had been reported to be runaways after going missing from a group home, Powerhouse Youth Facility Inc., that was close by.

On Jan. 6, the teens were heard discussing leaving the group home. Staff attempted to get them to stay, but they left the following day. Attorneys report that the staff followed all guidelines and procedures as they are a state-licensed agency that can’t make children stay.

A medical examiner will determine the teens’ cause of death.


  1. Investigate the group home, they are notorious for having all kinds of sick folk working there. They did something to them.

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