Memphis Police Shut Down SCORPION Unit After Fatal Beating Of Tyre Nichols


The Memphis Police Department has dismantled the special task force to which all 5 officers that were a part of Tyre Nichols’ death were assigned to.

The department noted on Saturday that they were disbanding the SCORPION Unit effective today.

This comes after public outrage has been seen after the release of the bodycam footage that revealed 5 officers detaining and viciously attacking Nichols on Jan. 7.

Police Chief Cerelyn “C.J.” Davis discussed the matter with the other officers who were still part of SCORPION (Street Crimes Operations to Restore Peace in our Neighborhoods). Then, they then all determined that it would be best to shut down the unit in light of what had occurred.

MPD said that when the SCORPION Unit was created, in 2021, it was designed to have about 40 officers, divided into 4 groups, patrol “high crime hotspots” in the city of Memphis.

Nichols’ traffic stop-turned pursuit happed in the Autumn community which seems to be an area that SCORPION covered.

The Chief has noted that proof hasn’t been seen as to why Nichols had initially been pulled over. The reason was said to be reckless driving, but there is no evidence of probable cause for that, she said.

Nichols died from his wounds, and the 5 officers were later charged with murder.

Protests across the country have now been taking place, and the Nichols family wants justice in the fatal attack.


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