Build-A-Bear Replaces 4-Year-Old’s Lost Toy That Contained Mother’s Heartbeat


A 4-year-old in Tazewell, Tennessee, lost a “Rainbow Sparkle Bear” that contained the heartbeat of their deceased mother. Afterwards, Build-A-Bear stepped in and decided to help.

The company desired to reunite the boy with the same toy but wasn’t able to. However, they were able to make a matching toy, this after learning that relatives still had a recording of the heartbeat. Build-A-Bear then put the recording inside of the matching “Rainbow Sparkle Bear.”

The new bear was shipped off to a radio station that had first reported the incident. They, along with Goodwill Industries, presented the bear to the boy and his family.

It was later found that the boy’s original bear had unintentionally been given to a Goodwill store in that city.

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