Carjacker Murders Woman By Zip-Tying Her Throat, Leaves Note Behind


24-year-old Reese Miller, of Urbana, Illinois, has been charged with murder after being accused of killing a 61-year-old woman as he carjacked her.

Authorities say that on Aug. 30, the woman, Ma Operio, was discovered unresponsive with a zip tie around her throat. She was transported to a medical facility and was in critical condition. She died four days after that.

Police say that a witness heard noises and saw Miller on top of the victim prior to him getting in the vehicle and driving away. To add, a Ring camera showed a man who looked like Miller with the same clothes on he was subsequently apprehended in.

Miller had been located in the stolen car hours after the incident and was arrested. Authorities say that he admitted to the offense.

Additionally, reports indicate that Miller left a note in Operio’s vehicle, stating his remorse.

“I’m deeply sorry for hurting anyone at the moment. It seemed to be the only choice. I didn’t want to hurt people. It was never something I ever thought possible until the realization of reality hit me,” the note read.

Miller is now being held in the Cook County Jail without bond. He is set to appear in court on September 22.

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