Carrolton Teen Arrested After Claiming To Have COVID-19 Virus And Spread To Others


Carrolton police arrested the teen that was seen on Snapchat bragging about having the COVID-19 virus and passing it on to others.
Lorraine Maradiaga,18 turned herself in to police Tuesday after being seen on social media coughing on people and telling them she tested positive for the Coronavirus.
Once arrested she told officers that she was negative and had never tested positive.
There is no proof at this time that she ever tested positive for the COVID-19.
Maradiaga has been charged with making a terroristic threat which is a third degree felon.
She has been booked into Denton County Jail and her bond is set for $20,000.
She will have to quarantine for 21 days after being released from jail as a precaution.


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