City Introduces New Fleet Of 400-lb. Robots To Help Patrol The Streets


The city of New York is implementing new robots to assist the police department in lessening crime. It is called the New York robocop and was introduced by law enforcement officials and the mayor’s office.

The robots are described as weighing 400 lbs. which means that criminals can’t just pick them up and steal them. The goal of the bots will be to catch offenders in a shorter time period.

In addition to others, reports indicate that New York will put out one Knightscope K5 robot which contains a camera around its whole body. It is also equipped with LiDAR sensors, GPS, microphones, and speakers that can spit out looped messages.

Other cities have implemented robots, as well. However, in San Francisco, these mechanical objects can even kill people.

For now, Mayor Adams, of New York, is hoping that the new robots will help in crime reduction.


  1. Hopefully they dont be racially profiling like the prejudice saps that they will be replacing. All we need is to have some harassing rights violating robots🙄😒

  2. Will these robots replace the DA ? New York’s problem is having a DA that reduces the crime from Felony to Misdemeanor and lets not forget stealing is permissible up to $1000.00

  3. Whatever it takes hopefully these dogs aren’t trained to kill our black men 🤨 yea i said it…. What

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