College Football Player Charged For Breaking Woman’s Spine And Raping Her


Aidan Ralph, a redshirt sophomore linebacker for Iowa State, has been apprehended after being accused of breaking a woman’s back and raping her.

On Tuesday, Ralph was taken into custody in relation to a December 3 incident. This is when he is said to have accused a woman of cheating on him and pushing her several times, including one time into a stairwell.

The woman told authorities that she sustained a stress fracture in her spine and asked Ralph to call for her help as she couldn’t move, but he wouldn’t.

She says that he took her pants off to look at her injuries and to help her manage the pain but ended up raping her instead.

Documents note that swelling could be seen on the woman, and Ralph confessed to pushing her into stairs.

20-year-old Ralph has been charged with domestic abuse and third degree sexual abuse. If he is found guilty, he could receive up to 12 years in prison.

He posted an $11,000 bail on Wednesday.

The Iowa State athletic department has noted that Ralph is no longer a part of their football program.


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