College Student Arrested In $500K Credit Card Scheme At Her Place Of Employment


19-year-old Ariel Foster, a college student from Massachusetts, has been arrested after making $500,000 worth of fraudulent charges in a credit card operation that she started in February.

Foster is said to have conducted the scheme at her place of employment in the Burlington Mall, Lovisa, a jewelry store, to spend on expensive luxuries.

On three separate occasions, Foster scanned products from the store and increased the cost. The price of the expensive products were then supposedly refunded to her credit card. Detectives discovered 8 transactions for a total amount of loss for the company at $547,187.

Authorities say that foster purchased a $35,000 Tesla, made transactions of up to $6,000 to Delta Airlines, purchased $5,000 worth of Louis Vuitton items, and paid over $20,000 for a hotel in Maui. All of this was done through the credit card operation between February 2 and February 22.

On Wednesday, after a search was done at her dorm room at Lasell University, Foster was taken into custody.

She has been charged with larceny over $1,200.



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