Man Accidentally Cremated Prior To Funeral, Relatives Say


Kevin Witherspoon died suddenly, last week, in Jacksonville, Florida. Now, his relatives want to know how he was accidentally cremated prior to his funeral taking place.

The intentions were to have Witherspoon cremated after an hourlong visitation for relatives and friends which his family spent $2,000 on.

When his brother went to check on clothes for him, no one said anything and assured him that everything was good. Then, later on that afternoon, he received a call stating that Witherspoon had unintentionally been cremated.

Many family members were in shock as they had come from all over the country to pay their final respects.

The director of the funeral home didn’t have any initial remarks on the incident.

Witherspoon’s brother said that he wants the funeral home to be held accountable and doesn’t want this to happen to another family in the future.

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