Collin County Detention Officer Arrested After Inmate Is Found With Cell Phone


A detention officer has been locked up in jail, in Collin County,Texas, where he was employed.

On Monday, detention officer Tyler Moody admitted to investigators that he provided an inmate with a cell phone and a charger. This was subsequent to the items being discovered in the inmate’s cell.

Moody has worked at the jail since October 2019. He was apprehended and charged with a third-degree felony for transporting prohibited items into a correctional or civil community facility.

“You’re fired. You are no longer an employee here.” These words were captured on a video recording that was released by Collin County. It depicted Moody having a conversation with Sheriff Jim Skinner.

“You’ve betrayed the trust of every citizen we have the privilege to serve,” he continued.

An inspection of cells found a cell phone and charger placed under an inmate’s mattress. That inmate is facing aggravated robbery and murder charges.

Skinner said that Moody admitted “that he had received money and brought a cell phone into the facility and gave it to an inmate to use.”

Moody was placed in the same jail that he worked in and took a line up for a book in picture.

His bond was $5,000 which he posted and was freed on Tuesday.

The sheriff is angry that he had a worker serving in his facility who crossed a boundary.

The inmate is now facing additional charges for the contraband cell phone.

Skinner stated that he believes that more arrest will come. Moody wasn’t familiar with the inmate who had the phone prior to that person being in jail. Therefore, someone on the outside had to provide Moody with the device, who brought into the facility.

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