Woman Arrested After Selling Over $40 Million Worth Of Fake Designer Items Out Of Her Boutique


A New York business owner has been arrested after allegedly selling millions of dollars worth of generic designer merchandise.

According to Nassau County sheriffs, 31 year old Lindsay Castelli allegedly sold fake designer items such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and much more out of her Long Island boutique.

Nassau County Police along with the United States Postal Service ran an 18 month long investigation that included multiple undercover buys from Castelli’s boutiques.

On October 4 authorities issued a warrant for both of Castelli’s stores, Christian Salvatore New York and Linny’s Boutique.

They recovered 22 heat press machines, thousands of synthetic heat-sealed counterfeit labels along with clothing and jewelry from the stores.

Apparently Castelli would purchase cheap clothing and then add a designer label and charge thousands.

Authorities say she sold over $40,000,000 worth of fake merchandise.

On October 7 Castelli turned herself into authorities and was charged with trademark counterfeiting.


  1. American ingenuity at its finest

    And before you get all excited about my comment

    Explain how US Senators and Legislators being paid $174,00.00 I year retire as millionaires

    She was a piker next to the Pelosis

    1. I agree with you. I’ve said for Many many years why would they (Politicians) spend Millions of other peoples money for a job that pays less than $200k per year?
      Because of the INSIDER TRADING IS WHY.
      And your right about Pelosi look at her husband and his recent DUI anybody else would be in jail.

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