Corpus Christi Attorney Arrested For Human Smuggling


A Corpus Christi attorney was arrested after authorities conducted a traffic stop and located four illegal aliens in his truck.

As a part of the investigation, Operation Lone Star, which was created by Gov. Greg Abbott to tackle illegal immigration, law enforcement was increased near the border.

Deputies working with the Department of Public Safety and Border Patrol pulled over Timothy Dan Japhet on August 13. In the vehicle, which Japhet rented for his road trip, four immigrants were found.

The attorney was immediately arrested on four counts of human smuggling. Japhet denied the allegations and allowed Border Patrol to search through his phone, reading his text messages and call log.

According to Japhet, he rented the car and brought his dog to go to a casino in Eagle Pass. After stopping to let his dog use the bathroom, he was approached by a man who asked for a ride for him and his friend.

Japhet said he agreed to give the two of them a ride, but suddenly two more people appeared. Despite not wanting to, Japhet says he felt pressured to and continued to give them a ride.

According to the attorney, he felt uneasy during the ride and began speeding to try and get the attention of law enforcement officers.

He is confident that the charges will not hold up in court and he will not be indicted.

Japhet was released on a $40,000 bond Friday.

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