Country’s Vice-President Survives An Attempted Assassination During Protest


On Thursday, Argentina’s Vice-President, Cristina Fernandez, survived an attempted assassination after the assailant’s gun jammed. The man tried to shoot her, outside of her residence.

Fernandez wasn’t hurt during the occurrence that happened as she faces trial for corruption, which she denies.

The incident transpired, around 9 p.m., as many people surrounded the leader in Buenos Aires.

Camera footage shows the vice-president talking to supporters, close to a white car. Then, a hand, holding a black firearm, appeared. It seems as if the hand pulled the trigger, near the leader’s face. A click sound was heard, but no shot was fired. People in the crowd then overtook the gunman.

President Alberto Fernandez stated that the gun was loaded with five bullets.

“A man pointed a firearm at her head and pulled the trigger,” the president noted.

Authorities have named Fernando Sabag Montiel, from Brazil, as the alleged assailant. He was apprehended, and a weapon was recovered.

Montiel’s motive is unclear at this time. In 2021, he was apprehended for carrying a large knife in public.

As the vice-president faces corruption charges, many have taken to the streets to protest a call for a 12-year sentence and her being prohibited from ever holding a public office position again.

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