Former Executive Files Racial Discrimination Complaint Against Dallas County Medical Society


Last month, Pamela Lowery, an African-American executive, filed a formal criminal complaint of racial discrimination, against her ex-employer, Dallas County Medical Society.

On January 1, 2019, Lowery started working as a Director of Marketing and Communication, for DCMS. Before that, she was employed in the field of communications, publishing, television, and marketing for over 20 years.

Pamela claims that in 2020, she started receiving racists texts and many emails from DCMS employees. When she told her superiors, she was told to “just get over it and to let it go,” she says.

A little while after that, a white male stated that she was a “hot, Black chick with a really nice ass.” He also said that she was an “attractive, beautiful Black woman.” Lowery stated that she opposed the racists statements and requested that he stop. She said that, once more, the company didn’t act on the claims.

Pamela is also said to have overheard many racists jokes from her white co-workers, about her. She alleges that senior management asked that she be the “Black Face” and to receive a vaccination to urge other Blacks to get theirs.

Lowery says that it just so happens that two days after she was fired, her administrative assistant was promoted to Assistant Vice-President of Marketing and Communication. That person had two years less experience that Lowery.

Documents state that Pamela was the only Black employee at DCMS and was terminated after she complained and was replaced with a white worker who was less experienced.



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