Customer Catches Mouse Jumping In Deep Fryer At A Texas Whataburger


A mouse was caught on film running across a Whataburger counter and then diving into the deep fryer grease in Bastrop, Tx by a customer in line waiting on his food.
A video was shared to Facebook social media over the weekend by Brushawn Lewis and has gained plenty of attention and nearly 1.5 million views.
The video showed a man and several other people waiting in line at a Whataburger near Texas 71 and Loop 150.
Then you see a mouse run across the counter employees trying to capture it with a container before it jumped off the counter into a deep fryer.
The employees in the video were seen offering customers their money back and trying to catch the mouse.
The owner closed that store location down
And notified pest control.
The restaurant reopened Sunday morning.

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