Dad Accused of Drugging 12-Year-Old Girls At Daughter’s Sleepover


Michael Meyden, 57, is accused of drugging three 12-year-old girls during his daughter’s sleepover at their residence last summer.

On Thursday, Meyden surrendered to authorities at the Clacksman County Jail, in Portland, Oregon, on nine misdemeanors, including forcing and giving a person a controlled substance.

The three girls that had disclosed that they had been “exposed to an unknown prescription drug,” were transported to a medical facility to be treated. After investigating, investigators found that Meyden had given the girls the drugs that were found in their bloodstream.

Reports indicate that Meyden put benzodiazepine in mango smoothies and gave it to his daughter’s friends. Benzodiazepine is said to be a depressant that alters the nervous system.

The girls told investigators that the man had interacted with them all night prior to making the smoothies. They described the drinks as having little white chunks in it and on top.

As they went to bed, Meyden continuously checked to see if they were all asleep. One girl acted as if she was sleep and saw Meyden lifting one girl’s arm and waving his hand in another girl’s face.

The girl who saw the strange behavior called her parents to pick her up and later told her parents to contact the other girls’ parents.

At about 3 a.m., the parents of those girls went to pick up their daughters, as well.

Initially, Meyden requested that the girls stay and their parents come back in the morning. The parents insisted on taking their children with them, and the girls went back home.

Meyden’s bail was set at $50,000.

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