Dallas Approves Spending $75.2 Million On Improving Art Facilities


Last Saturday, Dallas voted yes to a $1.25 billion dollar capital bond program. It would handle city-wide concerns dealing with transportation, parks, and recreation. A portion of the proposal that’s important to the Dallas arts scene is Proposition E. This is “the issuance of $75.2 million for cultural performing art facilities and improvements.”

Prop E was won over by 76% of voters.

“These funds ensure that we can continue to protect the people and art in our care for yours to come. We are endlessly grateful to the Dallas community for their overwhelming support of Prop E. We are grateful to the members of City Council for working tirelessly to create a bond package. It includes one of the largest allocations for cultural facilities in decades,” stated the deputy director of the Dallas Museum of Art.

The Dallas Museum of Art, Kalita Humphreys Theater, Majestic Theater, Winspear Opera House, and Meyerson Symphony Center are some of the facilities that will be affected. Many overseers feel that the bond package is so popular because it is dedicated to improving structures that are already in place. This is instead of building new ones.

Most of the projects will deal with logistical concerns in relation to the structural components of these buildings. HVAC replacements, elevator upgrades, and water filtration system improvements are some of the issues that will be dealt with.

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