‘Twisters’: Universal Pictures Releases Captivating New Trailer

PhotoCredit: Universal

Universal pictures has released a new trailer for the highly anticipated movie “Twisters.”

This film derives from the same producers of blockbuster hits like, “Jurassic,” “Bourne,” and “Indiana Jones.” It is said to deliver an exhilarating experience for any type of audience.

The movie is directed by Lee Isaac Chung and features cast members such as Daisy Edgar-Jones, Glenn Powell, and Anthony Ramos.

These actors play characters who are equal forces with different motivations, brought together to confront and maybe tame the great power of tornadoes.

Edgar-Jones plays the part of Kate Carter, an ex-stormchaser, haunted by a horrible encounter with a tornado during her college career.

Now living in New York City, she reviews storm patterns on screens until she’s taking back to the open plains by her friend Javi (played by Ramos).

The pair test a groundbreaking new tracking system, and then see Tyler Owens (Powell), a charming and reckless social media influencer, known for sharing his storm chasing experiences with his new crew.

As the storm season draws closer, never seen before and terrifying experiences happen, putting Kate, Tyler, Javi, and their teams right in the path of several storm systems hovering over central Oklahoma.

It’s a battle of survival that hasn’t been witnessed prior to this.

Steven Spielberg, Thomas Hayslip, and Ashley Jake Sandberg are the executive producers of the movie.

“Twisters” will be distributed nationally by universal pictures and internationally by Warner Bros. Pictures, vowing to captivate audiences nationwide.

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