Dallas County Raises Covid-19 Threat Level to Red


The spread of the omicron variant has pushed Dallas County’s COVID-19 threat level back up to red.

With that being said, it means the risk of catching Covid-19 is extremely high in the community.

At this time the public health community is encouraging people to stay home, wear mask if you have to be in the public and get vaccinated.

Parkland Hospital’s chief medical officer is also sounding the alarm, encouraging people to protect themselves from the omicron variant.

Dr. Joseph Chang said cases are rising fast. His hospital has seen the number of COVID-19 patients double in less than a week, and it will open its third COVID-19 ward by next week.

Data shows that the positivity rate for Covid-19 in Texas is between 21% and 40%.

In August the Delta variant drove a spike in cases causing the threat level to be in the red.


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