Dallas Woman Will Serve 60 Years In Prison For Fatally Shooting Her Daughter’s Grandmother


26-year-old Tranisa Watts, of Dallas, has been given a 60-year-prison sentence. This is for a shooting that killed her child’s grandmother.

On May 21, Watts had pled guilty to murder.

On April 18, 2022, authorities in Richardson had been called to a Starbucks at 1405 E. Renner Road.

When they got to the location, a bystander pointed out a woman who was the shooter, later named as Watts. She had been observed running past multiple businesses that were close by. She had been carrying a small child.

Watts was apprehended as officers discovered the victim, Kentoria Edwards. She had been fatally shot in the chest.

Initially, Watts had denied that she had shot Edwards. However, a bystander, who was familiar with both women, disclosed to authorities that Watts had shot the grandmother. This had occurred as an unscheduled visit with the child took place.

After an investigation by Child Protective Services into Watts’ ability to take care of the child, the child’s grandmother had been given custody when the child was three months old.

Three years later, Watts refused to abide by the visitation schedule. She would usually show up unannounced, causing chaos.

On the day of the killing, Watts had gone to Edwards’ home after the grandmother had agreed to meet her in a public area.

Watts then requested that Edwards stand the child up on a table in order for her to say goodbye. However, Watts retrieved a firearm from her purse, shot Edwards in the chest, and tried to flee with the child, police say.

When questioned by authorities, Watts stated that she acted in self-defense prior to confessing to shooting Edwards. She also stated that the whole family had always been out to get her and would never let her hold her child. Ultimately, she stated that she was fed up and wanted her child back.

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