Denise “WeeWee” Ross Found Guilty In Fake Butt Injections And Gets 60 Years


Texas prosecutors have charged Denise Ross Aka WeeWee with murder after she injected her clients with industrial grade silicon in their buttocks.
This case took place back in February of 2015 when Wykeisha Reid went into Ross’s Deep Ellum salon to receive cosmetic enhancements to her back side and was later found dead because the silicon had traveled through Reid’s veins and heart. Evidentially WeeWee had been practicing the procedure for awhile without a medical license or proper training and was dealing her clients puncture marks with cotton balls and super glue.
Prosecutors are saying that Ross did not work alone she had a transgender business partner by the name of Jimmy “Alicia” Clarke who helped her inject Reid and was also convicted.
After hearing different victim testimonies the judge convicted Ross with murder and reduced Clarke’s charge from murder to manslaughter after he testified against Ross.
Ross was sentenced and given 60 years and must complete 30 years before eligible for parole.

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