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Michael Irvin Being Investigated For Alleged Sexual Assault


NFL Cowboys hall of famer Michael Irvin is being accused of sexual assault.
A Florida woman is accusing Michael of sexually assaulting her on March 21.
She says she attended a bar where he was hanging at and later that evening went back to his hotel room. The woman says when she got to the room she began to feel sick and didn’t remember much but she did remember trying to fight him off and then waking up and watching him check out of the room.
The woman says she called the police because she felt like she had been drugged and raped and said the police advised her to go to the hospital to be checked out.
Irvin’s attorney, Larry Friedman, said that the accusations are completely false and that there are already several red flags in the woman’s story and background. He also went on to say that the woman was very drunk and there was no kind of sexual assault that took place. This story is currently under investigation and Michael has not made any comments.

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