Desoto Preschool Teacher Fired After Threatening and Screaming at 4-Year-Old Students


A Desoto pre-school teacher was fired after a mother attached an audio recorder to her child’s backpack and captured the teacher’s behavior in the classroom.

Over the course of a few days, the device recorded the teacher mistreating her 4-year-old students and neglecting their needs. At one point, the teacher can be heard threatening the entire class, telling them to “see what happens” if they didn’t follow instructions. She also threatened to not give one of the 4-year-olds their blankets during nap time and let them “freeze”.

In addition to the constant screaming and yelling, the teacher could also be heard slapping things in the classroom.

The mother who attached the recorder, Ra’Kia Waters, says her son told her the slapping sounds were from the teacher hitting kids with a shoe, however, no screams are heard following the slaps.

Desoto Police opened an investigation after the allegations emerged of the teacher who was mistreating little kids.

After receiving the audio and complaints, the school board voted on Thursday to terminate the preschool teacher. She was escorted out of the building on her last day.

Following the incident, the private school says they will dedicate a full day for additional training on behavior and discipline to all of their staff.


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