Disabled 22-Year-Old Found Living Outside and Fed Like a Pet


A Florida couple was arrested Wednesday after a community member stumbled upon a non-verbal man living under a tarp in their backyard.

Jeffeth Garvey, 56, and Antoinette Mundy, 59, were arrested for neglect of a disabled adult according to St. Petersburg police.

According to reports, Garvey is the legal caretaker of his 22-year-old nonverbal disabled son. However, Garvey and his girlfriend, Maundy, lived inside the house while the 22-year-old was forced to live outside.

Witnesses say the man was not allowed inside and he’s been seen digging through garbage. The arrest report indicates that the disabled son slept on a couch under a tarp and was covered in feces.

On Wednesday, Garvey and Mundy were booked into the St. Petersburg jail. Their bonds were set at $5,000 each.


  1. $5000!!!!!! WTH!!!!!!! They should not see the light of day. I just hope that young man is in a safe environment.

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