Escaped Murder Convict, Danelo Cavalcante, Captured

Courtesy: 6abc show

Pennsylvania police captured and arrested escaped convict Danelo Cavalcante early Wednesday.

On Monday night, escaped convict Danelo Cavalcante was shot by a homeowner who discovered him in his garage stealing a firearm.

The homeowner called authorities to report that a Hispanic man, without a shirt on and wearing dark pants, had gone into his garage while the homeowner was in there. The man then snatched a .22 rifle that was in a corner.

The homeowner fired multiple shots at the man who authorities have named as Cavalcante as he fled the location with the firearm.

Police arrived to the scene in minutes, but 34-year-old Cavalcante was gone. Police do not believe that injured in the occurrence.

Cavalcante has been on the run since August 31. A green sweatshirt and a white T-shirt that is thought to belong to him were found near the homeowner’s driveway.

In August, Cavalcante had been given a life sentence in prison for stabbing and killing his ex-girlfriend.

He escaped from Chester County Prison, in Pennsylvania, on August 31. Cavalcante could be seen on surveillance footage as he stretched across an exercise yard prior to climbing onto the roof.

Authorities stated that Cavalcante had been first been hiding in the woods after stealing a van, but then he went to a more populated location.

A little while before the shooting, a resident had called police regarding a pair of work boots stolen off of their porch.

Additionally, authorities found footprints in some mud which were similar to prison shoes worn by Cavalcante. A little while later, authorities found his prison shoes.

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