Erica Mena, ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star, Apologizes For Calling Co-Star A Monkey

Courtesy: John Salangsang / Invision / Associated Press)

Erica Mena has apologized for calling her co-reality star a monkey.

Mena was recently kicked off the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality show for using the word.

“I deeply regret my insensitive comment. I want to humbly apologize to anybody that I hurt or offended by my thoughtlessness. My choice of words was wrong. I take full responsibility for what I said,” Mena stated.

“…as a woman of color and the mother of two Black children, I want to make it clear that my use of the word was not in any way racially driven,” she continued.

“That said, I do understand the gravity of what I said and want to use my platform to promote inclusitivity and equality,” Mena said in closing.

It has been reported that Mena is of Afro-Latina descent as she has Dominican and Puerto Rican roots.

Erica was booted from “L&HH: Atlanta” after MTV showed the episode in question. Then, Mena and Spice got into a disagreement which turned into a fight. That’s when Mena is said to have called Spice a “monkey” as she was lashing out.

This incident came after Mena was arrested close to Atlanta and had been charged with attacking a police officer and other offenses.


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