North Texas High School Coach Resigns, Accused Of Using District Credit Card At Strip Club

Courtesy: Getty Images

JD Bales, the soccer coach at Bridgeport High School, has quit his job after an investigation took place into possible misuse of a school district credit card at a strip club.

Bales is believed to have charged $5,455.18 on a school district credit card at the Men’s Club in Houston.

The school district has been paid back for the charges, and authorities don’t intend to file criminal charges against Bales.

During the district’s board of trustees meeting on Monday, Bales resigned as the soccer coach and special education teacher. The district noted that accepting the resignation was “in the best interest of Bridgeport ISD and the athletic program.”

Bales had been the soccer coach at Bridgeport High School since 2018. He had assisted the team in getting to the playoffs every season except the 2019-20 season because of COVID restrictions.

Bridgeport ISD is now looking to hire a new coach as soon as possible.


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