Family Member Of Floyd Mayweather’s Girlfriend Found Dead At The Boxer’s Condo


24-year-old Jarrett Johnson was a great football player in high school and played several positions at Lindenwood University.

He was a family member of boxer Floyd  Mayweather’ on-off mate, Jamie Lynn.

Reports indicate that on August 22, Johnson was discovered deceased by a friend at Mayweather’s condo.

Johnson and Floyd had begun to create a tight bond as seen in multiple social media posts.

It isn’t known if Johnson had been residing at the location when he died. Mayweather has several homes in the Las Vegas area, but the incident didn’t occur at his main residence.

Johnson was an all-conference quarterback in high school and had received the Southeast Missouri All-Region Athlete Of The Year award.

It has been reported that Mayweather has been distressed over the untimely passing of Johnson.



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