244 Citations Handed Out In Dallas School Zones Within The First Two Weeks Of School For Speeding


As school starts and kids begin to walk outside to get to their destination in North Texas, parents and authorities are seeing an increase in speeding drivers.

On Friday, the Dallas Police Department tweeted that officers have been prioritizing back-to-school enforcement for the last two weeks. During that period, 244 citations were issued to drivers in school zones.

The department also noted an increase in foot and car traffic near local schools, prompting the increased enforcement, too.

One woman stated that this is a major concern because many children play outside, close to Mockingbird Elementary. It is a community close to Mockingbird Lane and Skillman Street. She says that she has seen many people begin to speed down her street in the last couple of weeks. Her street is a little different because it is the first road drivers can use a short cut through to go around school zones.

“It’s not great. Especially when you have littles. I mean we’re out in the front yard, and cars are whipping through,” said Hillary Taylor.

“It really just comes down to people being aware and courteous. I mean, these are kids. People just totally miss school zones,” she added.

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