Family Mourning After 13 Year Old Boy Dies From Accidental Fentanyl Overdose


A family is mourning after finding a family member deceased in the bathroom from an accidental fentanyl drug overdose.

13 year old Jose Hernandez was found hunched over the bathroom sink dead early Wednesday morning by his grandmother.

The family says Jose had just started 8th grade at Aurora Hills Middle School Tuesday, in Colorado. They believe that Jose got some drugs from another child at the school and died from a fentanyl drug overdose.

His uncle said, “He seemed OK”. There was no history of him doing any types of drugs or anything like that. I think it was just the crowd he decided to hang out with, and maybe them thinking it was good to tell him ‘hey maybe try this out.'”

He also said, “I would just say to the parents, keep an eye open to your kids if they’re feeling sad or depressed or something, help them out you know? I know my nephew wasn’t depressed or anything like that, but maybe he was a curious kid and wanted to try it out.”

The family is awaiting for the autopsy results to determine Jose’s actual cause of death.

Aurora PD is currently investigating this case and have not commented.



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