Father Arrested After 1 Year Old Daughter Found Dead In LA River


A 22 year old California man was charged Wednesday with murdering his 1 year old daughter.

According to reports, on Sunday Jayveyon Burley went to Long Beach to pick up his 1 year old daughter Leilani Burley and his 3 year old son from their mother.

Apparently when he made it back to his Inglewood home that evening he only had his 3 year old son. Burley’s mother became concerned and called police. She reported her 1 year old granddaughter missing and police immediately began a search.

On Monday officers found and recovered Leilani’s body in the Los Angeles River in Long Beach.

Burley was arrested and booked into the Inglewood Jail for murder and child endangerment.

Police have not released Leilani’s actual cause of death.


  1. Why kill your own child? You could have just not picked them up. Horrible and uncalled for. Too many innocent children dying.

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