Father Fatally Shoots Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend Who Was Chasing Her Down In Vehicle


A 59-year-old man is wanted in relation to the shooting of his daughter’s former boyfriend. This occurred in Palmdale, California, on Tuesday
At around 4:47 p.m., officers responded to a domestic violence call in the 37000 block of Sierra Highway. They then found 27-year-old Giovannie Gutierrez lying unconscious on the ground. He was taken to a medical facility where he died from his wounds.

While investigating, authorities found out that Gutierrez had been in his vehicle chasing after his ex-girlfriend. She had been in her car.

The two vehicles collided on at least one occasion prior to coming to a stop in the middle of Sierra Highway, north of Ave S.

Bystanders told detectives that Gutierrez tried to gain entry into his former girlfriend’s vehicle as she tried to get help from family members who had contacted police.

“As victim Gutierrez was attempting to gain entry into the young woman’s car, a white Ford Ranger pick-up truck arrived at the scene. A passenger exited the Ford Ranger, approached Gutierrez, and shot him in the head,” a release noted.

Jose G. Mendoza, the woman’s father, has been identified as the shooter.

The 59-year-old male is said to be a Hispanic male, 5 foot 6 inches tall, and about 140 pounds.

He is thought to be armed and dangerous and shouldn’t be approached.

The public is urged to call 911 if he is seen.


  1. Wyth, Leave that Man alone he did what any father would,save his childs life. Mayi if the police would have gotten there in time they may have been able to stop the so called Victim from Making Daughter from being victimized or murdered. So her father did it..

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  3. Ill do the same for my daughter but yes he does deserve yongonto jail for at least 5years for the gun and reckless endangerment

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