Father Set To Stand Trial For Pouring Boiling Hot Water Down 1-Year-Old Daughter’s Throat


Eugene Lamont Sneed, of Prichard Alabama, is accused of pouring boiling hot water down his 1-year-old daughter’s throat.

He is now facing aggravated child abuse charges.

Authorities say that Sneed had been out on bond for a 2020 domestic violence charge. Prosecutors added that he had shot his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his children, as the children were in the residence.

Sneed’s bond has now been revoked, and he is in the Metro Jail.

A district attorney noted that Sneed is a danger to himself and others. He has a criminal record that includes several violent offenses.

In September 2018, Sneed faced three-degree domestic violence charges. A year following that, he was charged with domestic violence again.

Officials in the city of Mobile feel as though it is time to implement “Aniah’s Law.” This will allow judges to refuse bail to individuals charged with violent crimes.

“Aniah’s Law” comes from Aniah Blanchard. The person who is said to have killed her, Ibraheem Yazeed, was charged with kidnapping and had been out on bond when she was killed in 2019.

Sneed is set to stand trial on October 24.



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