Florida Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Knocking Out 12 Year Old Boys Tooth While Playing Basketball


A Florida teacher was arrested this week after he allegedly knocked out a students front tooth.

The incident happened around 4 p.m. at Putnam Academy of Arts and Science School.

It was said the teacher, 41 year old James Bellamy, was playing basketball with students when he became angry. He then threw a ball at the boy and elbowed him in his mouth accidentally knocking out his tooth.

The 12 year old boys mother then contacted police and told them about the incident.

Later that day officers contacted Bellamy and asked him about the incident. He told authorities that they were playing and he did not intentionally knock out the boys front tooth.

Authorities arrested Bellamy and he was charged with child abuse and battery. He remains in Putnam County Jail with no bond.

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