Foot-Licker In Jail Again After Asking To See Boy’s Feet


26-year-old Caurey Rollins, the ex-teacher’s aide that is said to have licked a boy’s feet, is in jail again. This is because of a new offense that occurred while he was out on bond for a molestation case.

After only being out of jail for 10 days, Rollins was apprehended again, close to 9 a.m., on Friday, in Grovetown, Georgia. Authorities say that he had walked up to a boy and had asked to see his feet.

Documents show that Rollins has been charged with criminal attempt to commit a felony. He wasn’t granted bond.

On Wednesday, Rollins, driving a white Chevrolet Camaro, approached a boy who was playing basketball in his driveway. He then showed the boy an image of feet in his phone, the child’s mother reported.

Authorities say that Rollins asked the boy if his feet looked like the image on the phone.

When the boy said no, Rollins then requested to see his feet. The boy told him no and fled to his home, telling his mother what had happened. The mother recalled the story of the foot-licker and contacted authorities.

In January, Rollins had been arrested for sucking, licking, and kissing a boy’s feet at an Urban Air.

Then, in April, he was indicted after being accused of inappropriately touching four females while he worked as a teacher’s aide.

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