Former New Orleans Officer Quits During Shift Via Text Message


The 23-year-old now-former New Orleans cop, Scott Fanning quits in the middle of his shift while patrolling the French Quarter and the Central Business District on July 22nd.

Fanning speaks out and says on the day of July 22nd that night when he logged into his computer there were over 40 calls holding and only 35 patrol officers logged in for all eight districts. “Something just kind of clicked for me, that it was just not worth it” he told Fox 8 in an interview. He messaged Sgt. Eugene through text message that he quit and explained his decision to leave was one of self-preservation.

Superintendent Shaun Ferguson says “it was disheartening” at a news conference at NOPD headquarters. “Especially knowing the oath we take”

“He abandoned his post. He just walked out on his brothers and sisters in blue. He abandoned the citizens of New Orleans. He abandoned this department.”

Fanning joined the force when he hit the minimum age requirement. He completed academy training on his first attempt. On may 1, 2020 he graduated with NOPD recruit class No. 188. He had been with the force for three years before he decided to quit and leave. NOPD has been having a staffing shortage and Fanning says when he saw less than three dozen officers to patrol a population of around 377,000, he knew that the shortage was the last straw for him and made a decision that that night would be his last night on the job.

“It was kind of sad” he admitted

He got written up with one last infraction by his supervisor because he didn’t realize at the time that he couldn’t turn in his gear on that Friday night or didn’t complete exit paperwork after he resigned. He had to wait until the following Monday. So technically he resigned under investigation.

Former officer fanning is concerned about how things are going. That city leadership and NOPD management has turned a blind eye to the crisis for too long.

“They should be able to see that they are failing us” he said. “The individuals aren’t the problem… I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner, honestly. Nothing is changing for the better,” Fanning said.

“Despite the smaller number of officers on the streets, we remain fully engaged,” Ferguson said. “When the media keeps sending that message (about diminishing manpower), we’re also sending that message to the criminals. We’re going to continue to monitor what is working and what is not” he reassures.

Fanning is one of at least 107 police officers who has quit or retired from the NOPD in the first seven months of 2022, fox 8 reported.


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