Former NFL Linebacker, Geno Hayes, Dead at 33


Former NFL Linebacker Geneo Hayes died Monday night from liver disease.
Hayes,33 passed away four days after being placed on Hospice care at his parents Georgia home.
He had been battling the disease for over two years and hospitalized more than 20 times.
The former NFL player signed to Florida State in 2005 and was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2008 and also played seven seasons with the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars.
Hayes was diagnosed with the chronic liver disease while being treated for an unrelated medical issue.
During an interview with ESPN in March, Hayes said he believed his use of nonprescription pain medications throughout his career added with a family history of liver disease is what caused his condition.
“I didn’t do like regular guys with the Toradol shots… I just took over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications,” Hayes told ESPN. “I thought it was safer, but once I got out of football and began my own research, I was like, ‘Oh … my body is not set up for this.”


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