Former San Antonio Police Officer James Brennard Indicted On Attempted Murder Charges After Shooting Unarmed Teen In McDonald’s Parking Lot


A former San Antonio police officer is facing charges after he shot an unarmed teen in October that was sitting in a McDonald’s parking lot eating a burger.

A Texas grand jury indicted James Brennand on an attempted murder charge as well as two counts of aggravated assault for the October 2 shooting.

Body cam footage showed Brennard in the parking lot for an unrelated call and spotting 17 year old Erik Cantù’s vehicle in the parking lot.

Brennard believed Cantu’s vehicle was a vehicle that had evaded arrest a previous day. He approached the vehicle while Cantu was eating and told him to exit the vehicle.

Cantu put his car in reverse and Brennard immediately began opening fire striking the teen as well as his passenger 17 year old Emily Proulx.

Cantu was transported to a hospital where he remained hospitalized for for over a month.

Brennard was released on a $100,000 bond for each charge. If convicted he could face up to 99 years dor each aggravated assault charge and could face up to 20 years for attempted murder.

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