Former Smoothie King Employee Being Sought After Beating And Kidnapping Ex-Manager


34-year-old Keshia Lynette Christmas is being sought after being accused of abducting her ex-manager at a Smoothie King. This came after she was terminated.

Christmas has been charged with three felonies, including aggravated kidnapping, robbery with bodily injury, and retaliation after an attack.

Documents note that Christmas had multiple problems with showing up to work and not coming going in on time. By Dec.12, she had accured multiple write-ups.

The following day, she and her 15-year-old daughter had gone to the location in Houston when she was informed of her termination. Christmas then began yelling, demanding that the manager give her the last paycheck. When she started to give Christmas the check, she pulled the manager by the neck, hitting her against the wall three times.

Christmas’s daughter then began to yell to let the manager go. It was said that Christmas told the manager, “You are not about to ruin my Christmas.”

Christmas then walked with the manager across the street and demanded money from her. She threatened to throw the manager into oncoming traffic if she attempted to run.

Since the manager was scared for her life, she withdrew $200 and gave it to Christmas. She also told authorities that Christmas took $7 from her purse, $34 from the safe at the store, and $40 from the cash register.

Anyone who has information about Christmas’s whereabouts is asked to contact authorities.



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