Four Men Indicted In Colleyville After Being Involved In Walmart Gift Card Crime Ring


Four criminal associates were indicted on several charges in connection to cloning Walmart gift cards on Friday.

They have been charged with Fraudulent Possession/Use of Credit or Debit Card (Counterfeit Card). They were also charged with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, Theft of Property $2,500 & $30K, and Money Laundering $2,500;$30k.

On Wednesday, July 12, 2023, Colleyville Police were informed about an elderly woman who sent a Walmart gift card of $100 to a friend in Louisiana. However, when the friend went use use it, there was no money on it. It was then noted that the number on the gift card didn’t match the number of the gift card receipt.

Colleyville investigators then learned that the gift card had been re-coded to match a totally different Walmart gift card.

A male suspect is said to have used the woman’s $100 gift card at two various Walmarts. This was done in Tarrant County to buy beer and a KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

Just a week later, investigators found out about another local victim. She had bought a $50 Walmart gift card. However, it had a zero balance when her friend had gone to use it.

At the end of July, 42-year-old Geandy O’Reilly was found to be the person that had cloned the Walmart gift cards. They had been on the display racks inside Walmart stores. He then got the victim’s loaded balance on the cards to use for himself.

In 2022, O’Reilly pled guilty to similar crimes, receiving 36 months probation.

After the investigation had begun, authorities had conducted surveillance of O’Reilly and his associates. They then learned that O’Reilly would go to Walmart stores across Texas as his associates were lookouts. It was also learned that O’Reilly bought $2,500 worth of lobster tails from Sam’s Club and about $5,000 worth of jewelry with the gift cards. He also used them on $3,322 worth of big screen TVs and over $5,000 worth of kitchen appliances.

Later, 35-year-old Anisel Matososa, 56-year-old Ernesto Mata, and 42-year-old Mayluis Novoa were also arrested and charged.

In total, 15 victims were found in the DFW metroplex. However, the total number of victims documented is more than $1,000.

When a search of O’Reilly’s home and vehicles were conducted, several pieces of evidence were located. This includes almost 7,000 Walmart Gift Cards, more than $3,000 in cash, two card reader writers, 1 laptop, six cell phones, and fraudently bought items.

Other suspects in other states have been arrested, as well. This came as after a search of O’Reilly’s cell phone showed similar crimes taking place in several other states in the country.

All those arrested locally are still in custody at the Tarrant County Jail.

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