Texas Woman Who Punched Pregnant Hospital Worker In The Stomach, Killing The Fetus, Pleads Guilty To Assault


Cheri Akil, of Texas, who had been apprehended after being accused of driving drunk and financial crimes, is said to have punched a pregnant hospital worker, killing the fetus.

In April 2023, Akil was put in a Fort Worth hospital as she was in the custody of the local sheriff, and it was believed that she was suicidal. She had been placed in police custody after being arrested for DUI and financial crimes offenses.

As a hospital worker was standing close to her bed, the 39-year-old woman is accused of punching her in the stomach. The worker received medical attention at the hospital’s trauma unit, and it was then found that her unborn child no longer had a heartbeat.

At first, Akil had been charged with murder, but later she was only indicted for assault.

Now, she has pled guilty to assaulting a public servant, and prosecutors are seeking a sentence of two years in prison.


  1. Dang, thats a lesser charge than a woman would get for having an abortion….make it make sense !! You cant pick and choose what you wanna define as murder. It is the malicious taking of a life. PERIOD…..NOT ASSAULT!

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